Meet Federico

"My name is Dr. Federico Sanchez.  Most people call me Fed.”

Fed’s mother and father came to Canada in the 1950s.  His father left Fascist Spain and his mother escaped from Communist Hungary.  Fed was born in Montreal and has called Toronto home since 1980. He speaks Italian, French, and Spanish (in addition to English). 

Fed has been a physician for over 20 years, and focuses on helping people suffering from addictions.  He is on the front-lines of Ontario’s opioid crisis and is committed to bringing change to Ontario’s primary healthcare delivery systems.  The hippocratic oath includes “above all else, do no harm.”  Fed knows what damage the Liberals have done to the healthcare professions and to patient care.

Fed will be a strong advocate for Davenport and will work to solve problems (such as government waste) that undermine the services that people need from government. As a small business owner and operator he understands that small businesses have been under attack from the Liberal Government with red tape and unnecessary cost. 

Aren't you Fed Up with:
Excessive Executive compensation
Runaway spending
Creative accounting
Breach of trust
Hallway medicine

Think of all the lies we've been FED

Do you really believe what the Liberals promise anymore?  It seems their only motivation is to win elections, rather than building Ontario.

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Telephone: 647.563.4333

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